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Transform Your Venue with TouchTunes Digital Jukeboxes

Create an unforgettable atmosphere and keep your patrons entertained with a personalized music experience that keeps them coming back for more.


Real Benefits To Boost Your Profits

Allow Your Patrons to Customize Their Visit

Remember those times you wanted to hear a particular song? With our digital jukeboxes, your customers can play their favorite tunes anytime while visiting your establishment. Unlike traditional jukeboxes with limited song options, these modern digital versions offer a vast selection of songs, vibrant LED screens, and an easy-to-use interface for a truly engaging experience.

Enhance the Ambiance of Your Venue

Player Two provides a range of TouchTunes jukeboxes, featuring the latest models perfect for any setting. Improve the ambiance and guest experience of your venue, and rent a jukebox from us today! With TouchTunes, you can play the right song at the right time, enhancing the vibe of your favorite hangout.

Customized Music Experience That Reflects Your Brand

Offer licensed music personalized for you and your guests. Simplify the process for national and regional chains with our risk-free trial program and dedicated account team of experts. Grow your top line with the top in-venue music experience.

Revenue Sharing Model

We will install and maintain these jukeboxes for free, and you’ll even get to keep part of the money the machines generate thanks to our revenue-sharing model. Sounds nice, right?

Bring the ultimate music experience to your venue with Player Two's digital jukeboxes. Contact us today to get started and see how our jukebox program can enhance your business and create a lively atmosphere your guests will love.

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Make Your Venue the Go-To Destination for Fun and Excitement!

Connect with us now to explore how our top-tier arcade and gaming options can inject a burst of energy and profit into your space.

Make Your Venue the Go-To Destination for Fun and Excitement!

Connect with us now to explore how our top-tier arcade and gaming options can inject a burst of energy and profit into your space.

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room with many arcade and ticket-redemption games

Transform Your Space with Ease

Understanding Your Needs

We begin with a detailed consultation to grasp your specific requirements and venue dynamics.

Equipment Installation

Our team ensures a smooth installation process, tailored to fit seamlessly into your venue's operation.

Ongoing Support

Our maintenance and support ensures your equipment always operates at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for renting a jukebox from Player Two?

Instead of renting, we partner with you to place a jukebox in your venue. We take care of the installation and maintenance, and we split the revenue after any applicable fees.

How does revenue sharing work with jukebox rentals?

In our revenue-sharing model, your venue earns a percentage of the jukebox's earnings, creating a mutually beneficial financial arrangement.

Is technical support available for the jukeboxes?

Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support for all our jukebox rentals to ensure seamless music entertainment at your venue.

How often is the music library updated?

The music library is regularly updated to ensure your guests have access to the latest hits and classic favorites.

Can the jukeboxes be customized to fit my venue's theme?

Absolutely! Our TouchTunes jukeboxes offer customizable options to align with your venue's ambiance and style.

What models of TouchTunes jukeboxes do you offer?

We offer several models, including the TouchTunes Angelina, Virtuo, and Mx-1, each with unique features and music selections.

Still have questions?